READ!The emperor of hemp wears no clothes (all respects to mr jack herer) Read it if you haven't!.

Above will be listed links to reading and video material on the legalization of marijuana, and good reasonings. as well as my own personal philosophical passions

Legalize it!


Cannabis is not a bad thing, and this should be known in the state of arkansas! we do not need to target these poor teenagers, and people of this great state for a non harmful substance, we have gotten medical and now we need recreational! arkansas would heavily benefeit the people of arkansas. We the people of arkansas, should not stand by as our ancestral plant, is tarnished and ruined by an lazy and upper class elite! I will untill the day i die advocate the legalization of this plant in this great state! we do not need this tarnishment, a kid getting caught with a joint is no different than a pack of cigarettes, probation being to harsh, as well as ANY jail time. A more moderate approach to stopping smoking at a young age should be fine and agreeable, but the idea of taking someones freedom and stripping them of it like that is simply barbaric and victorian.

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